Exclusive Bonuses

As a member of the Mex123 Team, you will be given access to our additional training, marketing templates & coaching at no additional cost. When you join Mex123, just make sure the person you are naming as your sponsor is on the Mex123 Team so you are eligible to receive our team bonuses. Once you have joined Mex123, your sponsor will provide you with a welcome link showing how to get plugged into our team resources.

Build Your Brand

Training on how to build your personal brand with eXp OR how to incorporate the eXp logo into your current branding.

Social Media Marketing

You will receive training on how to optimize your personal Facebook Profile, Business Facebook Page & Instagram.

Marketing Training

Our Founder will regularly add the training on how to market yourself online, sell more real estate & attract more agents.

Team Facebook Group

We have a private Facebook Group for our team members to connect with one another and get important team updates.

Team Q&A Calls

We have regular team Q&A calls where you can get your questions answered and receive coaching from our leaders.

Explained Webinars

We have regular online events for you to invite agents to learn about joining our Mexico or US-based teams.

Agent Attraction Coaching

You have access to weekly coaching by our US Expansion Leader who has over 3,000 agents on his revenue share team.

Private Members Area

You will be able to log in and access all team resources on our private membership site, which also helps you support your team.

Agent Attraction Tools

You can market yourself as a "Team Leader" at the Global Realty Team which allows you to leverage this team recruiting website, approved team promo graphics & team webinars.

Broker Mastermind

Brokers bringing over 5+ capping agents to get access to our Broker Mastermind Group on WhatsApp for quick input from our leaders.

Mexico Quickstart

Our team has a step-by-step course for Mexico agents to help ensure you have success with eXp Mexico tools & resources.

Mexico Leads

Our team members have the opportunity to apply to become one of our Referral Partners where you receive pre-qualified leads in your area.

Keep 75-100% of your commissions

and enjoy a low $12,500 company cap.

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